“Tired of working out and never seeing any real results?”

If you answered yes then Devildog Bootcamp is for YOU…

Devildog bootcamp  is a comprehensive physical conditioning bootcamp.  It combines the expertise and benefits of one-on-one personal fitness training with the camaraderie and motivation of a military atmosphere. We do fitness the way professional military units do–with push-ups, situps, and a lot of good hard work!  Devildog bootcamp is still Indiana’s only authentic military fitness bootcamp.

Do You Want:

  • An exciting, fun, challenging, totally unique, and fulfilling fitness program?
  • The very best results possible in the fitness industry?
  • To exceed your dreams for health and fitness?
  • To be lean, strong, energized, and exude inner-confidence?
  • To see and feel significant results?
  • To be motivated?
  • To be held accountable?
  • To train with an outstanding group of like-minded individuals?

If so… then devildog bootcamp is right for you!!!

Here’s what devildog bootcamp offers you…

  • Instruction from professional soldiers and certified fitness trainers who care about your results
  • fun, varied and challenging workouts
  • individual attention in a team environment
  • accountability, lifelong health habits
  • firm, toned muscles and increased metabolism
  • the camaraderie and motivation of a military atmosphere

Devildog Bootcamp is an original Bootcamp program created by a Former U.S.Marine. By partaking in the same kinds of physical training that the world’s finest armies use to train professional soldiers, we will help you to transform your body into a physically fit specimen you can be proud of.

Devildog Bootcamp training combines strength workouts, cardiovascular training, bodyweight training, kettlebell training, sandbag training, TRX training, battling ropes training, and much, much more. Candidates will receive all of the motivation, excitement, and results that Devildog Bootcamp has become famous for! We expect your personal best effort each and every single day of bootcamp.

All fitness abilities are welcome, from beginners to seasoned veterans.  We train with a focus on team and time-based training, we ensure that all members receive the training they need to ensure results.

No one is left behind and the atmosphere is always positive.



Stop and think about it!

Can you picture how strong, toned and healthy YOU are going to look and feel, now that you no longer have to struggle with:

  • boring redundant workouts
  • not having anyone to motivate, encourage and care about your fitness goals
  • not having enough time to take care of yourself to get fit and healthy
  • workouts that don’t target problem areas

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Now to be fair, I need to tell you that my fitness bootcamp is not for everyone.  If you’re one of those non-action takers who enjoys whining and complaining, then my 600 calorie-burning, body-toning, fat blasting workouts are not for you… however, if you can imagine what it would feel like to see a slim-toned body in the mirror as you easily slip into your skinny jeans… then you’ve come to the right place!



Will I get yelled at?

Instructors are here to motivate you to do your very best. The environment is very positive and team oriented.

“What is a typical day at Semper Fit like?”

Although the program is different each day, generally the schedule focuses on 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strength training.  The cardio-strength workouts consist of a variety of military training exercises.  You will always start the day with good warm-up.  During each class you work together as a platoon to accomplish common goals.  You can expect to do some running, moving and lifting equipment, and performing group exercises to name just a few.  Every day brings a new challenge and a sense of accomplishment that compares to no other.

 “What is the sign-up process?”
Call us at 219-365-5606 and we will take care of everything.  After you call, you will receive a confirmation e-mail at the address you have given us.  Attached to the e-mail you will find the registration forms; please download print and fill out the forms and bring these with you on the 1st day of the course.  Register early, before all the available spots are taken!

 “What types of exercises are included in my program?”
Each day brings something new, and you can expect to do a variety of exercises like, running, push-ups, abdominal exercises, kettlebell training, circuit training, interval training, obstacle courses, and strength training.  New exercises are always being introduced, with a focus on good form, targeting all of the areas of the body.  Some of the exercises are individual focused, while others are designed to foster a sense of teamwork and cohesion within the platoon.  Regardless of the day… you can always bet that it is going to be challenging, high intensity, and fun.

 “What if I’m not very physically fit?”
That’s okay!  The point of our program is to get you in shape.  We have people of all fitness levels working out together.  The beauty of this program is that it is designed to benefit everyone, from someone who has never worked out before to the seasoned athlete.  No one is left behind!  All that is required is that you give it your very best effort each and every single day!

 “can you custom modified exercises for individuals?”
All of our exercises can be modified or adjusted to allow for different fitness levels.  If you have a prior injury to a muscle or joint, we ask that you please inform one of the instructors so that an alternate exercise can be arranged for you.  Our bootcamp is not a rehabilitation program, and some members may need to take care of previous injuries before taking part in our program.  Please consult your doctor to ensure that you are ready to return to exercise.

“Will I be sore?”
The short answer is, yes…like they say “no pain, no gain”.  Muscle pain is normal for anyone starting out on a new fitness regiment, but the soreness will quickly subside as you continue through the course.  It is all part of the improvement process.

 “How soon will I see results?”
Performance improvements can take place in as little as 3 days, visual improvement can take from 2 to 6 weeks depending on your effort level.  It is common to see 2 to 5 pounds of weight loss after the 1st week, however, you must remember everyone is different!

 “Why should I participate?”
If you have ever said to yourself: ” I’m just not getting a good enough workout on my own”, or ” I just can’t seem to get motivated to go to the gym”, then devildog bootcamp is the place for you.  You have nothing to lose but unwanted weight!

 “How many people attend each bootcamp?”
We always keep the class sizes manageable by splitting bigger groups and the smaller platoons each and every day, so you will never feel left out or overwhelmed by a large group.

“What kinds of people go to bootcamp?”
People just like you….some who need a little push to jump start their fitness and wellness program; others who are already working out; still others who want high-energy workouts.  Regardless of their individual goals, they all want to workout in a team environment.

 “How often will we meet?”
Training sessions are offered Monday through Saturday, including holidays, for one hour session during the program.  Some members choose to train all 6 days every week, others choose less often.  For great results we recommend that you train a minimum of 3 days each week.  All participants must inform the devildog bootcamp staff of their attendance schedule beforehand.  All candidates are expected to arrive on time for each session.

 “What do I need to bring?”
You will need a water bottle, running shoes, and appropriate fitness attire.  You can purchase any of these items at your local fitness store.

 By Jeff B / Schererville, USA

Training is all about results. Having trained with Marvin for the past 12 months, I’ve lost 25lbs., added muscle mass and gone from a 36″ waist to a 32″. My energy levels and stamina are at peak performance. Marvin stresses proper nutrition,form,form and more form and scheduled workouts ie. Bootcamps, Kettlebells etc. His Kettlebell classes are geared for all students. Marvin devotes the same attention to all. He truly cares about you and your progress. The best review I can give Marvin is THANK YOU. I look forward to our workouts.


By Jim Cole / Crown Point, USA

I could say so much about Marvin, but will keep it three simple points:

Knowledgeable: I have been working out for 10 years, have had different trainers, did Crossfit for a few months, and must say that I have learned more from Marvin in a few weeks than I have from anybody else. The man knows his stuff. He understands that complexity of the human body and how it moves. He demonstrates and explains the moves in simple terms. He is a wealth of knowledge.

Friendly: Don’t be intimidated not to check him out because he is a Marine. Marvin is a nice guy who has your best interest in mind. He much rather have you do it right than just push you. He is genuinely friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I have no hesitancy asking him a question that I think might sound stupid.

Adaptable: Don’t worry that you can’t do a certain exercise. Marvin knows how to adapt an exercise to fit whatever ability you are at. He will break down complex moves into simple steps, and have you work on those before progressing.

He is truly a fantastic instructor.


By Kathy / Munster, Indiana

Marvin breaks down every exercise so that your form is good to prevent injuries. Then He puts it all together for a great work out!!

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